New position

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Next career step

As of this week I have officially joined the Organization Studies department of Tilburg University as an Assistant Professor! I am very grateful to the department for giving me this opportunity and look forward to continue my current research here, collaborate with new colleagues, and engage with the students of the Organization Studies programs.

The job market was long and exhausting, hence remaining so ‘close’ to my former colleagues of the department of Management is a great additional benefit to me and my family. I want to thank former and current heads of department Niels, Carol, and Aswin for the many opportunities they provided me as a member of their department. For an (attempt of an) exhaustive list of who I want to thank for bearing with me all these years I would like to refer to my dissertation’s acknowledgements ;).

As a subtle reminder, next week Friday at 10AM I will defend my dissertation in the aula of Tilburg University. Feel free to attend the ceremony or watch it via the livestream (see For those interested, the link includes a brief summary of the dissertation. If you have any questions, send me a PM!